Friday, May 27, 2011

Pakistan, China and Bin Ladin
Islam and Politics
Written by Imran N. Hosein in Kuala Lumpur

And so they scurry around in a vain attempt to save themselves by reaching out to embrace the Saudis who are as guilty as themselves in lust for Yankee pleasures.

The rich secularised westernized elite who control decision-making in Pakistan’s government as well as the Armed Forces have long looked down with disdain and contempt at scholars of Islam whom they scornfully dismiss as Mullahs! They control the Pakistani news media and use it to propagate and promote whatever is deviant, false and corrupt while steadfastly covering the truth. They would be scandalized by our firmly-held belief that the Qur’an and Sunnah should play pivotal roles in the conduct of state as well as in the formulation of foreign policy; and they yet persist in the frivolous and absurd claim that the Pakistan over which they rule is an ‘Islamic’ Republic.

Deaf dumb and blind they have consistently found it expedient to ride (first class) on a US-Dollar Green-Back rainbow back and forth between Islamabad and Washington while formulating pro-American policies and taking pro-American decisions on matters pertaining to strategic affairs. As a consequence they now have the blood of hundreds (maybe thousands) of innocent Pakistanis on their hands – killed in bombing raids still being conducted by US drones and by the Pakistan Air Force on behalf of their Zionist paymasters. An independent investigation will certainly confirm the innocence of the overwhelming majority of those so killed.

They consistently and disgracefully thwarted every effort that Muslims of Pakistan made throughout that country’s history to enforce Allah’s Law which prohibited, among so many other things, Riba (i.e., money being lent on interest). They would most probably stare with uncomprehending eyes in response to any claim that the Pakistani Rupee, like all other paper money in the world today, is utterly bogus, fraudulent and Haram, and functions as an instrument of legalized theft of the wealth and sweat of the masses.

Time has now run out for them. The horrendous evil implications of their godlessness, their misguided conduct of state, as well as their evil choice of foreign policy now stares them in their bloated faces as the miserably poor suffering and enraged masses prepare to lynch them for their utter betrayal of both Islam and Pakistan.

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