Monday, February 28, 2011

compare and contrast

Tioman and Pangkor
Vacation to an island can be adventurous and enjoyable. When we go on vacation, we have to decide the best place to go according to what we have in mind. In Malaysia there are many interesting island that we can go for a holiday. Pangkor and Tioman are example of island that can be taking into account when choosing an island for holiday. I have been to these two islands and I am very satisfied visiting these two islands.
Tioman is the largest in a volcanic group of islands off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Getting there is simple as there is both a ferry service from Mersing or Rompin on the mainland and an airport on the island itself. The fee of ferry is around rm 70 for two ways. Pangkor on the other hand located off the coast of Perak and in the west side of Malaysia. To get here, there are ferries available from Lumut and cost around rm 20.
Tioman has crystal clear water and sandy beach. The beaches are very much unharmed with pollution and the water is very refreshing. There are several activities can be done here such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking and enjoying hiking in the mountain in the island. Tioman Island also has vast number of species of flora and fauna. Tourist can also enjoy the cold and sparkling water from the Asah waterfall located at the center of the island.
Pangkor on the other hand also give us change to feel the same activities like Tioman Island. Except the waterfall and mountain, Pangkor Island is very much alike Tioman Island. Pangkor Island is more nearer to the mainland thus more cheaply in term of fees to get there. The food and chalet available there also more cheaply compare to Tioman Island.
If you looking for a place just to crash for maby one day and feel some picturesque beaches you can go to Pangkor Island, but if you looking for more adventurous activity Tioman Island is the place. Tioman also suitable for honeymoon maker because it was quiet and no one can bother you there.

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